7 thoughts on “Breivik 1

  1. For some unknown reason, the pages were not published in the right order by WordPress. But the photos of Anders Behring Breivik’s letter to the mass media from prison should be easy to read.


  2. Do you think it would be possible for you to put some effort into reordering the pages. A better solution still would be if you would bundle them into one pdf file, using e.g. a service such as smallpdf.com.

    Furthermore, since the pages haven’t been properly scanned, merely photographed at various random angles, scanning the letters is mostly impossible. Would it be possible for you to contact the holder of the originals and encourage him/her to scan the letter pages properly?


  3. Also, page 33 is missing. Breivik in his note accounts for two missing pages, but add pages 24 and 25 this makes three. What happened to page 33? Censored or lost otherwise?


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